3 Ways To Remain Eco-Friendly When Moving To Catonsville Maryland Apartments

Moving to Catonsville Maryland catonsville maryland apartments is a big deal, and let’s be honestâ?? everyone has a lot of stuff! You will hear again and again that decluttering is the only way to cut moving costs while allowing you to keep your sanity. But, what if moving could also stay eco-friendly? It’s a win-win situation for everyone when you move out and still take care of our environment during the process.

How can you stay eco-conscious during your big move?

Step 1: Reduce In A Wise Way

Before you load up that gas guzzling moving truck, take the time to assess all of the items you own. What function(s) will these objects serve in your new life? Can the items be reused again and again? Do they have a place in your new life?

Books, dinnerware, old clothes and plastic items are just some of the categories that are easily reduced. Your best option for decluttering your household is donating the items you will no longer use to a thrift storeâ?? this allows someone else to reuse the product! Your move is also eco-conscious as you reduce your carbon footprint with the things you haul away.

Step 2: Repurpose What You Can

It’s amazing what a bit ingenuity and sweat equity can do for our planet! Millions of items end up in our landfills as people opt to throw out older items without a second thought to repurpose them instead. Old tires, beat up wood furniture, clothing and fixtures are all easily repurposed into something for your new apartment.

The reason many homes get cluttered in the first place is due to over-consumption. You throw things away only to purchase even more items than what was reduced. This becomes a deadly cycle that does negatively impact our environment. Most items like this end up getting tossed and rot away in landfills.

The great thing about repurposing is that you don’t need to be an artist or even too crafty to make it all work. A few Pinterest images and a tutorial are all it takes to reimagine what you once thought of as trash!

Step 3: Reuse And Reuse!

Moving to Catonsville Maryland apartments is the perfect opportunity for you to get acquainted with the prospect of reusing things. During your move, opt to reuse boxes from big box retailers and reuse packaging supplies to transport your belongings.

As you live your daily life in your new apartment, strive to consider the kind of impact your decisions are making on our environment. For example, shunning plastic and choosing reusable shopping bags already helps you take a step forward. Items that are reusable such as water bottles and boxes can help reduce environmental waste.

We don’t pay enough attention to the decisions we make and how they can impact our environment. Simple lifestyle choices aren’t so simple when you start thinking about their impact on our world. That convenient plastic bag or that one water bottle are all that it takes to overflow landfills!